Vendor Shipping



*Shipping MUST be completed, otherwise sales will not be made and it will not go through correctly, this is very important!*

Flat rate shipping (fixed rate)

Flat rate shipping will allow you to have your own flat rate shipping methods for your products. You can set the title and price for each rate. With this, customers will be able to select the shipping method provided by you. 

Within your MolyMed dashboard, click “configurations” on the left hand side and find a field “sales”> “shipping methods.” 

Once you are at this stage, you must ensure you ‘enable’ the flat rate! You must then use the shipping rate table to add your preferred shipping method. 

The different sections are as follows; 

  • Identifier 
  • Title 
  • Type
  • Price 
  • Free Shipping (the minimum amount spent to offer FREE shipping) 

Once completed, make sure you save the configuration in order for it to work successfully. 

Table Rate Shipping 

When adding your “table rate” shipping, you will have signed into your MolyMed Dashboard, you will then click under “Sales>Shipping Methods>Table Rate”. Once you are here, you then want to click the button “Add Rate” you then need to ensure that you fill in the correct boxes. 

The blue box states that you HAVEN’T enabled your shipping rate, so it is important if this flags up, you MUST enable your shipping rate in order to continue.