Processing an order and Refunds

Processing an Order 

Video Tutorial 

  1. When an order is placed, you will get an email to say that an order has been placed. 
  2. Within the email there will be a link within that email which will take you through to your “Seller Dashboard”. You will then click on “Sales” down the left hand side and select “Orders”. This will take you to every order that you have had on MolyMed. Under status, you will see either completed or processing. The processing orders are orders that are waiting to be shipped out to the customer. 
  3. You will then need to “action” this order. This will then take you to the customer order page, where you will have all their relevant information; billing and shipping address, order number and item description etc. On the right hand side you will see a breakdown of payments which will show the shipping prices etc and anything that is outstanding. 
  4. Once you have checked the order over, you will then scroll back up and click the “SHIP” button. Once you have done this, it will then take you to the customer’s information. On this page as a vendor you might have your own tracking number, which you will be able to add on the right hand side under “Shipping Information”
  5. If you scroll down, there is a box that you, as the seller, can add any personal message to the customer if you wish to. 
  6. At the bottom of the order confirmation, it is also important that you tick the box that says “Email copy of Shipment” this is so that the customer knows that their order has been shipped out and dispatched. 
  7. You then want to click “Submit Shipment” 

*When an order is placed the Customer should always get an email! If for any reason this doesn’t happen, you are able to go back into the “Invoices” section, select the order you want to resend the email for and click the button that says “send email”. You also have the option to print this too if you wish. *

Creating a Credit Memo

Video Tutorial 

  1. The first step to make a credit memo for a customer, is to go onto your “Seller Dashboard” and select “Sales> Orders” 
  2. You then need to select the “Invoices” section, and then select the correct order/invoice that you are wanting to create the credit memo for. 
  3. You then want to click the “Credit Memo” Button. This will then bring up the customers information: shipping address, billing address, their order etc. You then want to scroll down to the bottom of the invoice, and tick the small box that says “return to stock” please note, this can only be ticked if the product is ok to be returned to stock! You then need to add the quantity of the product that is going back into stock, and you can also add a small message in the box,”credit memo comments”  this is a note for the customer that you as the seller can leave them e.g. to say that they are being credited for their product etc. 
  4. Once you have done this, down at the bottom on the right hand side there is a box that you can tick “Email copy of credit memo” this means that you can send a copy of the memo over to the customer so that they know it has all been processed. 
  5. To complete the refund/credit memo you just need to select “Refund”