Marketplace Manual

To login to your MolyMed dashboard first login to your customer account then go to the top link and click dashboard alternatively you can click “My Shop” on the MolyMed homepage. 

Basic Configuration Video Tutorial 

Managing Sales and Product Dashboard 

The Dashboard on the left-hand side has several different buttons with different functions.


This will link you to the page where you have an overview about your business with the statistics, graphs and tables.


This is the place where you can manage all your orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos. 


There is a button which helps you manage your credit transactions. The credit transactions of your credit account are very detailed and clear so you know exactly how much you are spending  and receiving in credit. You have your own credit account after the customer pays for an order. The money will then be added to your MolyMed wallet.  You can see your credit at the top right  hand side of your MolyMed Dashboard. Money can be paid via bank transfer at any time. It is important to remember that payment can take up to 7 working days. 


3.) Catalog 


The Catalog is where you have full access to all of your products. You have the ability to quickly add a product or create a “simple” or “configurable product”. Products will need to be reviewed and approved by Admin before they can be displayed on your MolyMed Marketplace, and you cannot see another Vendor‘s products either. Adding new, or editing an existing product is very simple and quick. 


4.) Configuration 


Within configuration, on your MolyMed Dashboard,  this is where you fill in and complete all your Business information such as your Business logo, store name description, store number and working hours. You also need to make sure you add your withdrawal account information so that when you request to withdraw money, the admin can follow your information to transfer money into your preferred bank account.


 Within configuration are also “sales emails”. This is where you will need to place the correct email address that will receive your order invoice and shipment emails. “Shipping Methods” are also found within configuration, you must add in a “Shipping Method” even if you offer free shipping, this is to ensure that when an order is placed, it is processed. Shipping can be done by a flat rate or table rate based on price, weight and destination. 



If you need support or have any questions regarding your MolyMed Dashboard, please use our online ‘Contact Us’ page under “Community Help” on the left hand side, within your MolyMed Dashboard.

Live Chat Notification and Features 

Vendor live chat plug-in brings the feature of a real-time transmission of text messages from you to your Customers. No more delay time, now you’ll be able to respond quickly to your customers’ questions and queries. 


This plug-in will enhance your customer service through your MolyMed dashboard to the next level.


Outstanding features


  • Customers can start talking directly to you by clicking on a button from your Vendor Shop or, through your products you’ll be notified about a customer’s chat request in real time, this will show as a pop up. 
  •  You and the Customer are able to share files via the attachment of the “chat box”
  • The chat script will be saved to your MolyMed Dashboard and sent to the Customers email address. The message is marked as read/unread so you can manage them easily and it’s easy to follow. 


Live Chat Status 

You will automatically be set as invisible when you sign up to the MolyMed Dashboard, and within your store the ‘chat button’ is in the bottom right hand corner. The message “leave a message” which means that there is no supporter available for a chat and therefore the customer can only leave a message and wait for a response. When the Customer clicks on this button, they need to input their name and email address together with the message they want to send to you.


Changing Online Status

To change the status and to start up a chat with customers, you need to click on the Live Chat>Visitors on the MolyMed Dashboard on the left hand side. After accessing the “visitors page” you can click on the status symbol under your name (top left hand corner) and change the status (this is shown below)

The options are online, away, or invisible. Change the status to online and be ready for a chat request from a customer. You can also know who is visiting your storefront on the great view of the visitors page. 

Starting a Chat

You can start a chat with the customer when they are shown as active within your MolyMed Dashboard “live chat visitors”. The active visitor will be shown with their name, address, and page title that they’re viewing when the chat is started. The customer will get a notification which will be a pop up on the current page they are viewing. 


If you need support or have any questions regarding your MolyMed Dashboard, please use our online ‘Contact Us’ page under “Community Help” on the left hand side, within your MolyMed Dashboard.

Vendor Categories


This useful feature is for organising the products within your MolyMed Dashboard. With this feature Customers  can search for products easier from your very own shop’s storefront. 

  • Manage Vendor Categories

First, from the sidebar within your MolyMed dashboard go Catalog> Manage Categories, a page for managing categories will be displayed on the right. 

The page will be divided into 2 sections, showing the category tree, with 2 buttons: “Add new category” and “Add subcategory.”

You can use these 2 buttons, for making categories. When you click one of these 2 buttons, in the right section you can see 3 tabs. 

  • One for filling in the category information.

In this tab you will fill in the required fields for making a category (or sub category), including; the category name, the content, and configuring how the category works.

This provides the description and keywords about the category. This helps search engines and users to find the type of category that they are looking for. 

  • One for adding Products.


You can ‘quick add product’ products to your created category in this tab. 


  • Add a product to Vendor Categories from Managing product page

On your MolyMed Dashboard Within Catalog>Manage Products>Add Products (button on the top right hand side) you can choose the categories that best suit your product. This field also includes a button to create ‘new vendor category’

Within your MolyMed Dashboard, go Configuration>Category to type the category heading label. All the categories wanted to be shown on your shop must be given status “enable” and the products within this category are not hidden.

On your shop storefront, the category tree is shown on the left column of your page under the category heading label. The category trees contain not only the category name, but also the number that counts the quantity of the products in each category. When the Customer clicks onto any category, their products will be displayed on the right hand side.


If you need support or have any questions regarding your MolyMed Dashboard, please use our online ‘Contact Us’ page under “Community Help” on the left hand side, within your MolyMed Dashboard.

Vendor Reviews 


“Send Review” allows customers to leave reviews on all your products. Other customers will be able to see the reviews and ratings about your products and services. (below is a screenshot example of how to leave a review on the MolyMed Supplies Website) 

On your MolyMed shop you will be able to see the customer reviews and ratings. After a customer has placed and paid for their order, they will be notified to leave a review on your product. This is however optional. Admin controls the approval and organisation of reviews.



If you need support or have any questions regarding your MolyMed Dashboard, please use our online ‘Contact Us’ page under “Community Help” on the left hand side, within your MolyMed Dashboard.


Business Reports 


Business reports are an integral part of actively managing any company’s business, or even marketplace. You can use the reports to track progress towards its various goals, control expenditures and increase revenue. Business reports help track trends, and this is an advantage towards increasing profits if you review your reports on a daily or frequent basis you can quickly make adjustments for any abnormalities. We have made the business report on  MolyMed quick and simple.

Sales Report 

In the “Report Menu” you will have two submenus: sales and product. Sales report is divided into four types of overview about sales;

  • Sales by Day
  • Sales by Week 
  • Sales by Month
  • Sales by Hour

Each of them provide different information to you, and their purpose is to deliver the most effective, most informative view about your business situation.


You can find these four tabs of information, including total viewing, total amount of orders followed by time subtotal doing the total amount of orders without tax shipping free or discount followed by time number of orders showing the average quantity of orders in a specific time item ordered show the average quantity of ordered items in a specific time.

To view this, the screen is divided into two parts; “Chart View” in the top part and “Table Content” in the lower part. Both of them are adjustable to view by different periods of time in the month, quarter of a year, especially the chart for which can be switched between area chart and line chart.

Sales by month of year

This report will tell you the shares of sales, the shares of order quantities and the shares of ordered items between 12 months of the year. It can help you easily sort out which months are better for business and the rest of the year so you can adjust your business strategy accordingly. 


Sales by day of week 

The same with the sales by month of year or by sales of days of week will help you sort out the days of the week that have better business results. This means you can prepare better for a busy day. 


There are five chart types pie chart 3-D pie chart doughnut chat concha bar chart you can choose one depending on your favourite. 


Sales by hour

In 24 hours of the day there’s always some hours that people are likely to buy over others. Report by sales by hour will help you find the answer by analysing the business results including total amount of orders number of orders and orders item in every hour of the day making a chair and a table for you from that you can have a better look at what customers behaviour and adjust the time for a happy hour promotion or up selling. 


Product Report 

Product report is divided into two types: report ordered product and report low stock product. 


Ordered Product

After uploading a product, you most likely want to know what product is the most wanted product in your store and what product is sold at a specific time, day, month or year. “Report ordered product” is a tool made for that job. You will just need to choose how you want your report to be shown on the time range and the system will sort out the list of products with quantities which are sold at that particular time. 


Low Stock Product 

This is a report of low stock products which have a stock number that is lower than a specific number configured in admin. This number will be one that will help you prepare the warehouse for low stocked products. 


If you need support or have any questions regarding your MolyMed Dashboard, please use our online ‘Contact Us’ page under “Community Help” on the left hand side, within your MolyMed Dashboard.

Vendor Storefront

Vendor Storefront allows you to have your own page to display all your information and products within MolyMed.  The homepage provided is a beautiful and informative shop with everything that you need to do, including filling in your information such as your own profile, social account, company policies, company logo…etc… 


You need to follow the steps below, in order to create your Vendor Storefront. 


  • Step One–  From the MolyMed Dashboard click the “configuration” icon on the left sidebar then go to the “general> sellers page”. 
  • Step Two– Here the Dashboard will be divided into three parts: General Account, Social Account, and Homepage

Below you will need to know each part’s function. 


General Account-

This part includes the following fields; 

Banner – You can upload a banner to show on your store front, and have it as your own business design. 

About Store-  Here you can write a few things about yourself to introduce yourself to your customers plus any interesting information about your business that you would like to share with your customers. 

Refund Policy– You can write some information regarding your refund policy so that customers can know and follow the correct information. MolyMed does not deal with refunds unless you are a warehouse vendor then please contact us for further details. 

Shipping Policy- This is the same as the refund policy and this will be provided to your customers with information regarding your shipping policies. If you are using the MolyMed warehouse please state that all products will be delivered the next day except on the weekends. 

Social Accounts- This part has many fields where you can add links to your social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Pinterest and Vimeo. MolyMed Supplies does not allow links directly to a vendor‘s website. 

Homepage Meta Information-  This part is used for helping search engines and users find your storefront through webpages. 

After you have finished filling in all your information be sure to click the “save configuration” button at the top right to maintain and save all of the new settings. 

Featured Product 

This document provides information on the Vendor Feature Product. 

‘Vendor Feature Product’ brings the ability of highlighting your most wanted products on your homepage. It would attract the curious looks of customers and improve your marketing effectively. In addition to this, the end of each product has smart managing systems which can help you save time in your business. 


Outstanding Features 


  • Quick and easy.
  • Smart adding, and managing featured products.
  • Unlimited featured products can be added. 
  • You can sort the featured products by order timing.
  • To remove a product from the featured list is automatic.
  • Good-looking area with a slider for showing featured products.
  • Improving marketing. 


Managing Featured Products 


First login to the MolyMed dashboard. On the sidebar, click “Catalogue Featured Products”. The table will show, with all the products marked as featured and you can quickly add and remove to this list including sorting the order (e.g. monday-friday is when the product is featured.) so you can select and choose what you would like. 


The table is designed how you want, so you can easily recognise a product with a thumbnail image. In order to add a new product to the featured list, click “add featured product”

A phone will be shown where you will select a product add in a start date and date and sort order. 


Remember to save the product when you’re done!!

Vendor Attribute Option 

The vendor attribute option will allow you to add more options for product attributes. 

This extension is super helpful when for example, you have a new shirt with a colour that is not listed in the colour attribute. You can then contact us in order to add in any attribute that is best suited for your products. We will review and add the option on a global scale so it can be used by all vendors. 



If you need support or have any questions regarding your MolyMed Dashboard, please use our online ‘Contact Us’ page under “Community Help” on the left hand side, within your MolyMed Dashboard.

Below is also an interactive tutorial of the Seller Dashboard.



Password: demo123

This explains each section and allows you to test different sections accordingly. 

If you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.