About us

1 IN 5 MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS… Have created a product or service to benefit the sector they are in.

Both the healthcare and veterinary industries are OVERWORKED, finding the equipment we need every day SHOULD be easy….

MolyMed Supplies is a UK e-commerce website that focuses on, veterinary and medical equipment and supplies. These items fall under a wide range of categories which include; clothing, accessories, and your everyday worklife supplies. Buy directly from someone who has put their heart and soul into something special. Discover thousands of unique items, that have been designed to make your life easier.

Meet the Team

Molly Fiander

Director of Molymed Supplies

Molly Fiander is the founder of MolyMed Supplies, but forever and always is a veterinary nurse. She has been in the veterinary industry for over a decade and the last 3 years have been loving Locum life! However, while working as a Locum she has found out she needed to buy herself some new equipment, and looking online, she couldn’t find a single site which sold everything she needed for her everyday work life. So to change this. MolyMed Supplies was born! Molly and her Team are so excited to welcome you on board and to start this amazing new journey!

Melissa Wright

Managing Director of Molymed Supplies

Mel is Molymed Supplies’s Managing Director! Mel has worked in Administration, customer service and client relations for 7 years!! She is an absolute whizz at all things that involve admin and has the most wonderful personality that you just can’t help love! Mel is our first point of call if you want to list your product on Molymed so chat to her today! Get on our list now!

Amber Sommerville

Chief Graphic Designer

Amber is our girl for making everything look beautiful! Amber is a designer with a passion for creating, rejuvenating and propelling brands. Working with startups to established brands, she prides herself on her flexible approach.If you need a hand creating your Molymed shop, Amber will immerse herself in your world, learning all about your business. She will then develop this into something simply beautiful!